Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Flash: There she is Step 3: Doki & Nabi

I saw this a while ago but I really like this series by a group of Korean artists--> It's called 'There She is'. The story starts on a world with 2 races: Cats and Rabbits but its prohibited to have mixed couples. The video here shows my favourite episode of the series when Doki (Rabbit) tries to express her love to Nabi (Cat). Their love slowly progresses deeper and stronger but the public finds these couples revolting and disgraceful.

I like the story because it's simply amusing and it conveys the issues of people discriminating and not approving different races being together. The movement of the animation is very fluent and smooth. I'm interested in how they only use a certain group of colours like beige. This animation motivates me somehow so I wonder what others think of it.

My characters

On the internet I'm usually known as Yuichi.

The following images are my most recent character designs hahaha. The orange dude is called Clover-kun and the other is named Skull-san (both male). I've always enjoyed drawing manga but in the past, art teachers disliked my work and giving me comments about not creating my original style etc. They thought my work was too specific on anime and I should try other methods of drawing such as paint splats, pottery, CHARCOAL. The sound of paints scares me... I never liked messy mediums that's why I prefer to use pencil and pen to avoid any dirt. Up until Foundation course, they wanted me to use other mediums and working on bigger scales to explore different ideas. When I do that, everything I produce looks 'CRAP'. My Fine Art teacher thought I should leave my comfort zone...

I did consider about creating something different which has more potential than just drawing manga. That's how I took the interest of looking into character design.. there's other character designs before Clover-kun and Skull-san but these two are my current favourites. XD

After creating characters I get the urge to make a comic strip about them..