Friday, 15 May 2009

SL: Creating 5/ Finishing

I decided to change the walls into a darker colour and then started filling but the blank spaces in the building. I made diffferent chairs and wanted them in a modern style.

Little details I created such as a plate of donuts to put on the coffee table (random).
I also placed a chinese coloumn entrance for the waiting room. I always see these features in a martial arts film where they have training areas like dojos.

Birds eye view of the waiting rooms and this shows a indoor glass roof that is similar to a greenhouse?
My lovely collection of cups and mugs.
In waiting rooms there must be a sign to show whether you can come in or if theres a client inside already.
Finished off the building with a phantom clover glass roof.

And now for the finishing touches.
I made a red cross hat for the team so we could use it as a gift for visitors.

Kelly made a sign outside the building for those who's not sure what to expect.
Kathrine made dummies to make the area less deserted.
A nice snapshot of our finsihed project (lovely).

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

SL: Creating 4

These images show various of objects that I've made.
It took me a while to make this lantern but its worth all the hassel. I but a glow on the candle and a flexible path on the strings so it looks more natural.

Kelly and Kathrine had been busy with the internal, there's Kathrine's finsihed reception. On the far right is the process of making waiting rooms.
I got rid of the image from google and drew my own to upload. :D Then I used it for the entrance windows.
Better view of the current building. I might change the colour.
A oriental chair that I've made. The patterns were another image that I've made and uploaded.

Monday, 11 May 2009

SL: Creating 3

In the end we decided on a more specific area of DirectGov, so we chose Sexual Health but in an oriental themed building. I started focusing on the main structure of the building.

I was getting the hang of making arches, I find it annoying having to link and unlink the objects all the time.

This is thr reception Kathrine was making while I was building the walls and entrance.

I uploaded an image from the google image search, but I had to take it down since it wasn't my own work. But I found it really pretty ^_^.

Monday, 4 May 2009

SL: Creating 2

My group was still brainstorming about which part of DirectGov we should focus on. As we decide, I wanted to practice more on building and creating objects. We mentioned about the subject revolving around health. The first thing I thought of was a greek theme so I made some columns.

In the end I ended up making a garden, by using all the things I've learnt so far in SL (waterfalls, windmills).

Saturday, 2 May 2009

SL: Creating 1 + Exploring 5

Exploring 5 : ---------
Found out that I could actually sit on the windmill and started spinning around.

This pink bunny object was made by a friend of mines but I added the script so when someone clicks on it, it gives a link straight to my blog.
mmmmm....roast rabbit :P
Did the waterfall script. I think this might be useful for my project later on.
Made my own windmill :D. I was still able to sit on it.
Totally loved this, I sat on the UFO spaceship while it was spinning at a high speed.

After getting the brief, I started to mess around with the polygons and try different possibilities to create buildings.

I wasn't very good at first and I had to ask some pros on SL to help me out on how to make spiral staircases.

I had a go with some textures and playing with the glow features.

This is another attempt on making another building.