Thursday, 30 April 2009

Anime Figures 3-Unity May

I looked at the updates of the Good Smile Company and I saw another figure that is tempting me :D The textures and print on the clothes are so pretty x3 !!! I'm not sure which series she is from but the costume and character design is really nice.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Vivienne Westwood Earrings

(^____^) After working and saving up some money, I decided to treat myself to buy these earrings. I really like Vivienne's style and the orb logo has become an icon and well known to the world of fashion design. I brought this for £60 from the Vivienne store in Leeds Victoria Quarter so I'm 100% happy and know that its authentic. On the internet such as ebay, or amazon many people have been making replicas and fakes of Vivienne Jewelry and selling them at cheaper prices. Some are done really well which its hard to tell them apart but I've seen several that are obviously fakes.



Wednesday, 8 April 2009


After seeing this collection of Nendoroid figures I wish I could buy them all for easter (T_T). They all have such distinctive facial features. Its a shame that they're so expensive because they can be from £25+ depending on their recency, the newer releases can be harder to get so the company bring up the price ('____').

Sunday, 5 April 2009


I really love anime figures because they can either amazingly good or just utter rubbish. After this post, I think I might update more things about other figure making factories. I tend to go for the PVC figures since they are better quality and usually have more detail.

One of my favourite makers are the 'Good Smile Company' :). I like them because they make a series called NENDOROID that are super deformed or chibi-fied versions of popular anime characters. They even did a Nendroid version of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji *look at previous post*

I appreciate the way Good Smile Company makes the figure look like the actually style it was drawn by the original artist. The following picture shows an image of the artwork and then the PVC figure version (the Black Rock Shooter)

If I had more money, I'll buy so many Nendoroid anime figures (>_______<) !!!

Anime: Kuroshitsuji by Square ENIX

I just finished watching another anime series called Kuroshitsuji which ended broadcasting last month in Japan. This is a rather dark tale based on the old days of London. One of the high class noble families called Phantomhive is known to have been loyal to the Queen. The demon butler, Sebastian Michaels who is perfect at everything possible has made a contract with the  12 year old boy Ciel Phantomhive to serve and protect him until he takes revenege for his dead parents.

I got into this because its one of the animations done by Square ENIX and the style is more dark compare to the other anime I've seen recently.