Tuesday, 31 March 2009

My animation done and rendered. T_T

Please view it on HQ (High Quality) which is the button next to the volume settings.

woooooooooooo *celebrates* I'm very happy with what I've done. When I started this module I knew that it's going to be though since I have no knowledge on maya 8.5 at all. It partially revolves around maths (graphs of x & y axis) and I'm totally bad at it. There's no background music but I did put some sound effects to give them character.

Wall-e in real life?

OMG he's real?!?!?! Built and presented in Disneyland I presume. They've also installed all the voices haha. I bet it cost a lot. I remember him being quite small and this model is huge. It's a really accurate model of the character and highly detailed too. If they're going to make Eve, its going to be difficult since she levitates above ground. But you never know, technology always seems to amaze me..

Monday, 30 March 2009

Daniel Joseph Araujo (Justflyakite)

Love his works, he's more known through deviantart.com because of his comic stripes (such as the DinoSaurs) and his creations of cute animal characters. I like his use of just pen and pencil inking and how he interacts the characters with the borders of the comic stripes. The stories are sometimes gory but I find it kinda funny ^^.


Saturday, 28 March 2009

Hoy te amo by Vinnie Veritas

I just really like the soundtrack in this flash. Vinnie did quite a good job on the timing with the music. The animation made with flash is not bad but I think she cared more about the movements and angles of the clip than the looks of it? :P

Friday, 27 March 2009

Maya haha, I see progress ^^

HALLELUJAH! I'm making them move! I do keep on forgetting to keyframe things before I make the string bend left and right therefore it wasn't recording my movements. I'm really excited to finishing this, but I guess this is more of a time issue.

Using the bend handle for the balloon's string. I'm having to think about the nature of objects that the balloon is light like a feather and the cactus is the heaviest out of the 2.

finally got some character in them. They look more alive now and I'm happy with what I've done so far.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Dormitory Boys (Hou she Boys)

You've all probabily seen this video already, the Back Dorm Boys who got famous for lip syncing Backstreet Boy songs with a webcam in their college rooms. This is their second video (launched in 2005) lip syncing 'I want it that Way'. Many people around the world has viewed their videos and they became popular in youtube and in other video hosting websites. Today they are still many people trying to copy and make their own versions.

They did quite well, I love how the put so much effort into the mimicing. Shame they only used a webcam.

This is their most recent video. Not to do with lip syncing but I love the special effects and the speed camera works. Interesting and creative designs on the life bars and text added to the video clip which makes it like a fighting game :D. The video just mentions that the boss always wins over the employee even if they are right.

SL: Exploring 4

At the sandbox again with some friends. They were able to teach me a little more about constructing polygons and let me try out their stuff. The spaceship was fun and I like how the people are seated by avimator. Besides that, I went to the area called 'NHS' and looked at rooms within the building.

love how it flies so fast.
As it takes off, the blue flames starts to blow out like a rocket :D. It shows up nice in midnight. I also like my friends avatar haha.
I offered a chair for them to sit but they but blue flames under each leg (T_T). Rocket chair?
The reception at the NHS London. Really nice designs but no ones here. It's kinda scary.

Everything was so detailed from beds to NPC's (NON PLAYING CHARACTERS). I like how they made dummies to make the place less deserted.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Nick Pitera's talent 0_0 (singing 'A whole New World)

Nope, its no joke and not lip syncing. It's definatley his real voice. God! I can't believe, he's so gifted. The timing, taking breaths and he has such a huge range from high to low voices.

One of his examples, the Disney Aladdin song 'A Whole New World'. The video I've posted has reached over 10,000,000 views (phwoorrrrrr!)

I just though I'd share it with you all, you MUST WATCH THIS!

Wha? do I see colour?

Nya-hahahahaha. I'm so happy with my character's final appearances. I like how there are many choices of shading available such as lambert and blinn etc. The interesting thing is the toons tab functions where making outlines around the polygons are possible 'how exciting'. With this, my characters are more polished and alive. I was also able to make the 3D models looking like the ones in my storyboard. Okies, now thats done.. I'm ready to animate (ooooooh~).

Lovely~ what I found a little difficult is the string on the balloon. Its the only part that actually moves, the rest is static.

oooooh. now with the black outline.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Trying out my Nikon D60

Fun fun fun (^_^). the shutter speed is much better than the regular digital cameras. no need to use the flash all the time just to get a clear image. I tried out a few things and even did some jumping to test out its abilities. The jump can only be taken within seconds and this SLR camera does the job well. With digital cameras I guess you need to set the timer and then estimate when to actually jump? hahaha, with this gear, no time wasted :D.

oh dears.. I guess the pose is a little overboard. Without the VR lens, the legs get blurry but the environment is bright enough.
Taken with the flash. Quality is better and clearer. In the original photo, all details on the face including spots and blemishes can also be seen muwhahaha.

Adidas Shoes: Jeremy Scott (WINGS)

OMG! I so want a pair of these!!!!!!!!!! these are so awsome! This is more expensive than the tokidoki onitsuka ones (T_T). In the shop called 'Size?' they're selling it for £138 0_0. you gotta be kidding. But the design is attractive <3 <3 <3 because of the detailed wings on each shoe. I would buy the white ones because its easier to match clothes with haha. I'm tempted to buy them but I'm gonna get shouted at.

SL: Creating Objects

Before exploring around, I had lectures about the basics of creating objects using simple polygons. My first impression of it was that it reminds me of maya because of the similar tools such as scale, rotation, movement etc. After that, I understand I was able to create my own avatar and modifying certain things. The fun bit is using the textures and making it your own work.Flag pole! it was a bit confusing but I got the hang of it. The flexible function was useful though.
eeeeeek. U.G.L.Y zebra chair hahaha. making objects is about knowing which polygon shape to use to begin with. unfortunately.... I don't have that. :D

This is when I started making my first octopus avatar. :O
Afterwards I made a bunny cane with the functions of making it glow and scripting to make the avatar hold the stick naturally. (you gotta love my no face avatar from Spirited Away)

I loved making the top hat. Adds style to my bunny avatar. I noticed that attaching objects to the correct part of the body is very important.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

SL: Exploring 3

Like usual I had fun looking around and I found the public sandbox which is a great place to practice creating objects. There's quite alot of lag these days when I play at night because of all the other SL people logging in from other countires such as USA. I'm starting to understand the terms and words used in SL which is useful. Afterwards I went to the Sugar Rush place that my friend showed me where you can do fishing (yay!)

▲lovely, I'm also a fan of sweet foods. The designs and backgrounds are so cute (>.<)
▲okies now this was MEGA ANNOYING! Apparentely these are caused by 'GRIEFERS' who are people that make endless amount of pictures and spreading them across the whole area (similar to spamming). This slows everything down and I was trying to practice my building skills at the sandbox too. It probabily lasted for an hour. oh well, me and other people reported him so I hope he gets banned haha.

▲I don't know who did it but it's so cute! it will definatley match my current avatar haha. I love the detail and effort but into the windows.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Alan Luo: Lays Crisps Commercial

What the cheese! This makes me laugh really hard (^_^). The effort to just get those crisps back haha. I like the special effects and the short simple storyline told within seconds. The heroic music and the sound effects of the crisps makes everything funny. Good stuff.

The main man in the ad Alan Luo is one of Taiwan's most popular singer/actors. The crisps being advertised is called Lays but its actually WALKERS! but I don't know why the name is changed. Commercials in Asia china, hong kong and Taiwan frequently use celebs to advertise these products.

Friday, 20 March 2009


My all time favourite fighting game, Pocket Fighter! (a.k.a Super Gem Fighter), released in 1997 Sep. I love the Street Fighter series and each character has their own level of fans and popularity in the game industry. There's also other characters from Darkstalkers such as Morrigan and Felicia. I'm so happy that they made the characters into miniature 'Super Deformed' characters. The funny thing about this game is that when you do combos, the characters will do cosplays of other Capcom characters such as Chun Li will start appearing in Jill Valentines uniform (from Resident Evil) and Felicia turning into Mega man.

Battle Arena Toshinden

hmmm..... interesting cover :P which totally differs from the game style hahaha~

You gotta love oldies!!!!!!!! It was made for the Playstation, PC and Sega Saturn. I remember it was one of the first weapon fighting games to challenge using polygon characters in 3D environments. Thanks to the 'Tekken' series, Toshinden was quickly forgotten and popularity drop so bad (-_-). I still have this game somewhere.. When I played it back then its was so fun, the soundtrack just made me laugh. Compare to games today, you realise the reaction of the characters commanded by the controls are like 2 seconds slower.

Aoi Nanase

I've been looking at this person's artworks for years and I still don't know if its a he or a she (maybe I should find out). I first discovered Aoi's work from the game and anime of Samurai Spirits OVA (old works but still good) and I'm so jealous of his/her style. I've seen the progress, changes and development or Aoi's work and I wish I could do that too.

more recent from the manga (only 1 volumn) Angel Dust.

He/she used to draw and illustrate with copic pens and ink pens which I find really hard to use because it goes everywhere like watercolours. But there's a revolution in digital arts (thank god photoshop) therefore Aoi has moved from inks to computers. I always like his/her artwork because there's many mediums changed but the style remains the same.


Monday, 16 March 2009

SL: Exploration 2

now currently using the bunny av. I like the details of the control panels.
pretty pretty lights. I didn't know it was possible to go on rides like this. it was around 6mins long.
meeting new friends. I like their avatars which are more like animals rather than humans

Lovely (^_^) I changed my avatar again but to a pink rabbit from an anime called Chobits. I met and made a few friends and they took me to various of places like sonic island, greenies, loco poco, to riding on oversize cups :D

OOOOH my cactus

Getting the hang of using maya and understanding the ways of modifying a polygon. This one is looking more like my cactus character than the previous one.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

SL: Exploring

I had a little fly around in several places and I took snapshots of random things. I rode on different things and got impressed by other people's avatars. I've learnt some other stuff like becoming members of groups. I met one person who's a vampire and she requested to bit me? I took a snapshot and it looked strange haha.

I also had some time to polish up my octopus avatar slightly and even added a clover :D.

Monday, 9 March 2009

SL: Beginning

I didn't like my avatar as a human and I wanted to cover it up with something. I really liked the octopus so I tried to make my own. These are the images of my character development. I'm still not satisfied but I'll eventually smooth it out. I had to use L$10 to upload a texture for my tentacles.. T_T. Its kinda big but I like it to stand out in the crowd.