Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Old and New Animations

We've been asked to look into animations of historical and recents animations. For the new animation I've chose the opening footage trailer of the upcoming game by Square Enix, 'Final Fantasy 13 Versus'. I'm very excited about this game and I can't wait until it releases next year. I guess I have to save up money to get a PlAYSTATION 3 first. I love the main character Prince Noctis with the navy black hair and the red eyes. The part where he blocks the bullets with his swords were so fascinating! It showed many scenes in slow motion and the detail on the characters and the background are stunning.

The older animation is a episode from the series 'The Clangers'. I chose this because I still remember it from childhood. By looking at this, it should be done by a technique called stop-motion animation where every movement is created frame by frame with photography. I think there's alot of effort been put into this because it can be very time consuming although sometimes the viewers aren't aware of their hard work.

I prefer CG animations because I love looking at different special effects and Square Enix did a really good job with it.



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