Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Do you have a pair of sneakers by Onituska Tiger? recently they collaborated with the designer of Tokidoki and released a series of shoes for Spring 2009!!!!
they are soooo cute! I really want a pair T_T. Its around $125 !!!!


Kelly Cantrell said...

I've seen these, I want a pair too! I love tokidoki! did you know it's an italian guy who started it up? you would assume it was a Japanese design company wouldn't you! lol

Hoi-Kam said...

yea, I thought it would be too. I first discovered it when I saw a Le Sport Sac tokidoki bag in hong kong. I went to check it out and it said, I was like 'WTF?'

These designs are sooo cute, there's so many fake tokidoki bags now, and I see them selling at Vulture Culture shop in leeds.

MichaelSmith said...

Those trainers look amazing Hoi-Kam. As someone who has a bit of a trainer fetish at the moment, I can appreciate your NEED for them!! :p