Sunday, 5 April 2009


I really love anime figures because they can either amazingly good or just utter rubbish. After this post, I think I might update more things about other figure making factories. I tend to go for the PVC figures since they are better quality and usually have more detail.

One of my favourite makers are the 'Good Smile Company' :). I like them because they make a series called NENDOROID that are super deformed or chibi-fied versions of popular anime characters. They even did a Nendroid version of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji *look at previous post*

I appreciate the way Good Smile Company makes the figure look like the actually style it was drawn by the original artist. The following picture shows an image of the artwork and then the PVC figure version (the Black Rock Shooter)

If I had more money, I'll buy so many Nendoroid anime figures (>_______<) !!!

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