Monday, 20 October 2008

Video Production development

Based on the scenario of the animatic, I tried to film the process of making the Coffee Float. I spent some money on preparing the props and I borrowed the coffee glass from my work placement. I rarely used the HDV camcorder and I didn't attend the tutorial so I was a little confused but it was very fun to use. I couldn't estimate on how long it would take to film the footage. I was worried about my teammate not coming in to college so I wasn't sure about the location on where to film my project. Later on thursday I decided to do the filming at home T_T. In the pictures are images of my props. Before filming I did a lot of cleaning on the tables and the kitchen work-tops. 

It was difficult trying to multi-task (filming and making the coffee at the same time) so I did a lot of takes. I think I made about 3 or 4 Coffee floats when trying to record a good shot and trying different angles. The coffee in the glass is hot which means the steam kept on appearing on the side. I had to wipe the sides numerously before recording the clip when I pour the cream on top. In the end it took me about 2-3 hours to do all the filming and I had to return the HDV camcorder back to college before it closes. It was fun.... and tiring at the same time. ^^


Blair said...

Ooh, please post the video when you're done! Your teammate still not showing? Gah!

Hoi-Kam said...

He didn't attend to lessons since he was still ill. But I got it all done in time hahahah.