Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Coffee Float XD

This is a short animatic video of how to make an irish coffee. It was done on Final Cut Pro. I drew around 25+ panels but 8 on each page so I can scan it all at once without changing the sheets too often. The colour was done by Photoshop on a different layer. The sound effects were difficult to find (especially the stirring tea sound) so it was rather time consuming. In my opinion, I didn't like the organisation of the panels since it didn't flow to the next one fluently. In the end I added a background music from the Final Fantasy VIII game (Breezy.mp3) to take away the silence of the video.
If I had more time, I would draw the panels more carefully. The quality of the images were too light and faded. I should of used photoshop and adjusted the contrast slightly. 

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Blair said...

Oh hey, that's awesome! Balamb Garden theme! It was timed so perfectly to the video and the drawings were so cute.