Monday, 26 January 2009

Horror: Painted Skin 2008

Besides anime, I also have an interest in horror films. So far, no horror film is able to scare me yet so if you know one thats worth watching, be sure to let me know although I might have already seen it.

Over the weekend I've watched 'Painted Skin'. I thought it might be another 'Crouching Hidden Dragon-thing' or something like House of Flying Daggers... This film was actually better than I expected. The action scenes weren't as fake and there's a good plot in story telling. The film is stated to be horror but you don't see a lot of it compare to The Ring or The Grudge. It's based on an ancient chinese fairy tail where a fox demon is disguised as a human. The story turned out to be more of a love story about jealousy and trust but I like the quality of the film and the effort of how they made the costumes and backgrounds so beautiful.

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