Saturday, 17 January 2009

Resident Evil: Degeneration

WAH! I've played all the games in the Resident Evil series and I can't believe that they already made a feature length CG film. My brother saw the DVD in HMV and brought it straight away. It was a great treat for this weekend, I absolutely enjoyed watching all the action. Things were moving a bit too fast so I thought it could confuse people who haven't came across Resident Evil (or Biohazard) before. The film involves a story with the 2 main characters from Resident Evil 2, Leon and Claire (which are my favourite characters from all the games).

In my opinion, this film is created for fans and people who has some knowledge about the game series. The graphics were good and realistic but I kinda liked the style in Resident Evil 4 game better. I've noticed CAPCOM must of tried to put efforts in the movements of the character's hair hahaha.

What I liked about this DVD is that they did voice bloopers 0___________0. It was the most funniest thing ever!

If any of you are fans of the Resident Evil games, I recommened this film.


Kelly Cantrell said...

Sick! I didn't know this was out already! I thought It was still in the making! I've been waiting for it for ages! thanks for the news!

James Wall said...

I remember hearing about this, and it came into work (blockbuster) last week, if i'm honest it looks really bad. It's had pretty poor reviews as well, but i'll take your word for it and give it a doesn't cost me anything.

Hoi-Kam said...

remember to watch the voice bloopers 'AFTER' watching the original film. It's been edited and voiced over so badly that it's actually funny.

19PD89 said...

i saw this a while back & its a prety good film if u were a big fan of the games, but i wouldnt recomend if u have never played em