Saturday, 2 May 2009

SL: Creating 1 + Exploring 5

Exploring 5 : ---------
Found out that I could actually sit on the windmill and started spinning around.

This pink bunny object was made by a friend of mines but I added the script so when someone clicks on it, it gives a link straight to my blog.
mmmmm....roast rabbit :P
Did the waterfall script. I think this might be useful for my project later on.
Made my own windmill :D. I was still able to sit on it.
Totally loved this, I sat on the UFO spaceship while it was spinning at a high speed.

After getting the brief, I started to mess around with the polygons and try different possibilities to create buildings.

I wasn't very good at first and I had to ask some pros on SL to help me out on how to make spiral staircases.

I had a go with some textures and playing with the glow features.

This is another attempt on making another building.

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