Friday, 15 May 2009

SL: Creating 5/ Finishing

I decided to change the walls into a darker colour and then started filling but the blank spaces in the building. I made diffferent chairs and wanted them in a modern style.

Little details I created such as a plate of donuts to put on the coffee table (random).
I also placed a chinese coloumn entrance for the waiting room. I always see these features in a martial arts film where they have training areas like dojos.

Birds eye view of the waiting rooms and this shows a indoor glass roof that is similar to a greenhouse?
My lovely collection of cups and mugs.
In waiting rooms there must be a sign to show whether you can come in or if theres a client inside already.
Finished off the building with a phantom clover glass roof.

And now for the finishing touches.
I made a red cross hat for the team so we could use it as a gift for visitors.

Kelly made a sign outside the building for those who's not sure what to expect.
Kathrine made dummies to make the area less deserted.
A nice snapshot of our finsihed project (lovely).

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