Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Dormitory Boys (Hou she Boys)

You've all probabily seen this video already, the Back Dorm Boys who got famous for lip syncing Backstreet Boy songs with a webcam in their college rooms. This is their second video (launched in 2005) lip syncing 'I want it that Way'. Many people around the world has viewed their videos and they became popular in youtube and in other video hosting websites. Today they are still many people trying to copy and make their own versions.

They did quite well, I love how the put so much effort into the mimicing. Shame they only used a webcam.

This is their most recent video. Not to do with lip syncing but I love the special effects and the speed camera works. Interesting and creative designs on the life bars and text added to the video clip which makes it like a fighting game :D. The video just mentions that the boss always wins over the employee even if they are right.

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