Monday, 23 March 2009

Trying out my Nikon D60

Fun fun fun (^_^). the shutter speed is much better than the regular digital cameras. no need to use the flash all the time just to get a clear image. I tried out a few things and even did some jumping to test out its abilities. The jump can only be taken within seconds and this SLR camera does the job well. With digital cameras I guess you need to set the timer and then estimate when to actually jump? hahaha, with this gear, no time wasted :D.

oh dears.. I guess the pose is a little overboard. Without the VR lens, the legs get blurry but the environment is bright enough.
Taken with the flash. Quality is better and clearer. In the original photo, all details on the face including spots and blemishes can also be seen muwhahaha.

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