Sunday, 22 March 2009

SL: Exploring 3

Like usual I had fun looking around and I found the public sandbox which is a great place to practice creating objects. There's quite alot of lag these days when I play at night because of all the other SL people logging in from other countires such as USA. I'm starting to understand the terms and words used in SL which is useful. Afterwards I went to the Sugar Rush place that my friend showed me where you can do fishing (yay!)

▲lovely, I'm also a fan of sweet foods. The designs and backgrounds are so cute (>.<)
▲okies now this was MEGA ANNOYING! Apparentely these are caused by 'GRIEFERS' who are people that make endless amount of pictures and spreading them across the whole area (similar to spamming). This slows everything down and I was trying to practice my building skills at the sandbox too. It probabily lasted for an hour. oh well, me and other people reported him so I hope he gets banned haha.

▲I don't know who did it but it's so cute! it will definatley match my current avatar haha. I love the detail and effort but into the windows.

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