Monday, 23 March 2009

SL: Creating Objects

Before exploring around, I had lectures about the basics of creating objects using simple polygons. My first impression of it was that it reminds me of maya because of the similar tools such as scale, rotation, movement etc. After that, I understand I was able to create my own avatar and modifying certain things. The fun bit is using the textures and making it your own work.Flag pole! it was a bit confusing but I got the hang of it. The flexible function was useful though.
eeeeeek. U.G.L.Y zebra chair hahaha. making objects is about knowing which polygon shape to use to begin with. unfortunately.... I don't have that. :D

This is when I started making my first octopus avatar. :O
Afterwards I made a bunny cane with the functions of making it glow and scripting to make the avatar hold the stick naturally. (you gotta love my no face avatar from Spirited Away)

I loved making the top hat. Adds style to my bunny avatar. I noticed that attaching objects to the correct part of the body is very important.

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