Wednesday, 25 March 2009

SL: Exploring 4

At the sandbox again with some friends. They were able to teach me a little more about constructing polygons and let me try out their stuff. The spaceship was fun and I like how the people are seated by avimator. Besides that, I went to the area called 'NHS' and looked at rooms within the building.

love how it flies so fast.
As it takes off, the blue flames starts to blow out like a rocket :D. It shows up nice in midnight. I also like my friends avatar haha.
I offered a chair for them to sit but they but blue flames under each leg (T_T). Rocket chair?
The reception at the NHS London. Really nice designs but no ones here. It's kinda scary.

Everything was so detailed from beds to NPC's (NON PLAYING CHARACTERS). I like how they made dummies to make the place less deserted.

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